CORMORANT ( INTERNATIONAL ) D.O.O. is a Slovenian company specialized in distribution of tactical, security, safety, and specialized technical equipment for the Balkans market.

Our range of products include:

  • bulletproof vests
  • armoring kits
  • CBRN-E protection equipment
  • tactical electronics

We only sell the high-end equipment, from the best-of-the-best manufacturers either from the USA or Israel.

We DO NOT carry any product made in China and we ARE NOT price-competitive.

Our target markets are:

  • private security for UHNWIs / family offices / executives
  • security detail for dignitaries and Heads of State
  • special forces
  • secret services

We are the exclusive dealers for the TARPON-1 armored stealth interceptor boat, of FLANKER-1 armored mega-tender, of GATOR-1 armored amphibious limousine, and of SEAL-1, the most complete maritime security research platform.